Lamers Lab

Development of Macrocyclic Peptide Therapeutics

 The Lamers Lab is located at the Institute for Drug Discovery, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty of Medicine, Leipzig University 


Research focus 

  • Macrocyclic Peptides as therapeutic compounds
    • Structure-activity relationship studies
    • optimization of binding affinities and pharmacokinetic parameter
    • Solid phase peptide synthesis and manual chemical peptide modification
    • in vitro characterization of synthesized peptides with SPR, ELISA, BLI, ITC and more
  • Chemical modified Phage Display generating Macrocyclic Peptides to identify tool compounds and peptide leads 
  • Targeting the Complement System and intrinsic coagulation cascade

Our team

  • Principal investigator: Christina Lamers
  • Lab manager: Ratna Wolfram
  • Technical assistance: Eike Runne
  • PhD student: Bekas Alo
  • Master student: Tom Götze
  • ... and you? We are always open for enthusiastic Bachelor, Master and PhD students!

Stay tuned... new lab members on the horizon! Starting in October 2023 in our newly funded Projekts KIWI and the TRR Hypmol

Jun. Prof Dr. Christina Lamers

Awards, prices and fellowships

  • 2021 NRW Rückkehrstipendium (declined)
  • 2020 Junior Researcher Fond, University Basel 
  • 2018 antelope Professorship career development grant 
  • 2015 Marie Curie Individual Fellowship

Active memberships

  • since 2005 German Pharmaceutical Society (DPhG)
  • since 2017 Swiss Chemical Society (SCS)
  • since 2019 American Peptide Society
  • since 2021 International Complement Society