Lamers Lab

Development of Macrocyclic Peptide Therapeutics

The Lamers Lab is located at the Institute for Drug Discovery, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty of Medicine, Leipzig University 


Research focus 

  • Macrocyclic Peptides as therapeutic compounds
    • Structure-activity relationship studies
    • optimization of binding affinities and pharmacokinetic parameter
    • Solid phase peptide synthesis and manual chemical peptide modification
    • in vitro characterization of synthesized peptides with SPR, ELISA, BLI, ITC and more
  • Chemical modified Phage Display generating Macrocyclic Peptides to identify tool compounds and peptide leads 
  • Targeting the Complement System and intrinsic coagulation cascade

Our team

  • Principal investigator: Christina Lamers
  • Lab manager: Ratna Wolfram
  • Technical assistance: Eike Runne & Jannik Knoche
  • Postdoc: Aleksandr Kazimir
  • PhD students: Bekas Alo, Tom Götze, Mirko Delpero, Ali Kanso
  • Master students: Lilli Kehr, Linda Schütz
  • Diplom student: Dominik Peterseim
  • HIWI: Sebastian Witte, Tim Grossmann
  • ... and you? We are always open for enthusiastic Bachelor, Master and PhD students!

Jun. Prof Dr. Christina Lamers

Awards, prices and fellowships

  • 2023 Svar Camplement Excellence Award
  • 2021 NRW Rückkehrstipendium (declined)
  • 2020 Junior Researcher Fond, University Basel 
  • 2018 antelope Professorship career development grant 
  • 2015 Marie Curie Individual Fellowship

Active memberships

  • since 2005 German Pharmaceutical Society (DPhG)
  • since 2017 Swiss Chemical Society (SCS)
  • since 2019 American Peptide Society
  • since 2021 International Complement Society