Lab news


Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft Leipzig


The Institute for Drug Discovery was part of the science night in Leipzig, presenting in the BBZ Leipzig experiments and science to the public highlighting the pharmaceutical sciences. And every visitor had a chance to get a picture as a scientist... picture a scientist

VICB seminar at Vanderbilt University


I have been invited to talk at the Vanderbilt Institute of Chemical Biology lecture about "the development of cyclic peptides to therapeutically target host defense pathways". It was a great pleasure to discuss my since in front of the audience and also to have the possibilities to meet interested students and faculty members during a full week in Nashville! Thank you so much for the nice stay!

The team is growing! Welcome Abdul, our new postdoc!


Abdul holds a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry, from the University of Tours (France) on the "Design, synthesis, biological evaluation and 3D-QSAR analysis of novel bioinspired imidazo[1,2-a:4,5-c’]dipyridines with antiproliferative, anti-migration and anti-invasive activities in triple negative breast cancer." He is super active publishing studies on computational design of possible therapeutics. Now he joins us to combine computational work with experimental data to develop novel macrocyclic peptides. Great to have you!

Our peptide synthesizer arrived!


Finally, after long month of waiting our CEM Multi Pep I synthesizer arrived and was installed today! The first solid phase peptide synthesis is already running...

Bekas started as first PhD student


The team is growing and Bekas started today as first PhD student! We wish a good start and a lot of good nerves, as the lab equipment is still not completely up and running... we are getting there :-)

Christmas party


The ChemCore lab and LamersLab celebrated together by playing robot-beer pong, Tabu and Cards against humanity. Thanks all for participating and prepare the delicious snacks! It was a great year, more to come...

Cleaning out the lab


Preparing the lab as we need it, throwing out old stuff from former groups, thanks to all helping hands!


Just started my own group at Leipzig University


Exciting times ahead:

I just started my new position after  I was appointed Junior Professor for Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry at Leipzig University this spring. So excited to set up my own lab and dive into my research interests.

And thanks Manfred for the nice acknowledgement in the Pharmazeutische Zeitung